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Newbie from nottingham


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28DL Full Member
Hi all,
I have looked at this site many times in the past and have always been intrigued by urban x.
Well the time has come I have a little spare cash and want to get myself a camera.
The canon eos 1300d is the one on looking at in price range but what size lenses do you guys take with you.
I can only afford one extra, the camera comes with a 18-55mm and I'm assuming by looking at several posts it's more likely close up shots, so would the 10-18mm be a good choice.
Cheers all


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I use a 10-20mm wide angle. Got it 2nd for £150 and it's served me well.


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28DL Full Member
Hi punk.
Thanks for you input :)
I'm off Saturday to local shop to pick it all up so I'm hoping to be out this weekend with it all and hoping to get my first post up.
There is a old pub opposite my street that I'm hoping to get a mooch into.

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