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Newbie from NW London.


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Hi, and welcome to 28dl.

Feel free to post up some reports of any locations you've been to, you'll get a much better response.

Have a read of this handy guide for new members too:


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Thanks, but what about meeting people/groups. I was hoping to get to know other like minded people
Unfortunately, until you make more of a name for yourself it's unlikely that people will be too willing to meet up. This hobby is based very largely on trust, and earning people's trust is key to getting on in these circles. That being said, quite often new members meet up with new members, so maybe keep an eye out for other introduction threads from people in London? You can try your luck by messaging people who already explore near you, but don't be offended if you don't get much back them.
London can be a particularly hard place to get into the scene from as well.

Try getting involved with the forum, interact with other users and maybe post any leads or rumours you might have, that shows that you're serious and are keen. Keep an eye out for meet ups once all this pandemic stuff is over - they are few and far between these days but they do still happen. Many regular users attend these and can be a great way to meet people!

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28DL Full Member
Yeah tbh, I've done a few in the last few months, but I understand that there's a bit of a war going on between you tubers and photographers, so really don't want to get into the war tbh. But yeah I get what you mean what are the rules apart from the obvious (no leaks, bugging for locations, breaking in, or stealing) is there other etiquette laws?

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