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"Newbie", Swansea


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28DL Full Member
Hi there,

Just like to introduce myself. Been an avid urban explorer for the past 12 or so years since my mid teens. Being from South Wales and seeing the vast decline in industries that closed the decade before still rotting away as a child intrigued me, from factories to warehouses to rows of terraced housing and empty shops, even as a teen I always felt that exploring the urban decay of South West Wales was some kind of real life time machine.

As I became older you could say I became more obsessed by it as I challenged myself to bigger things from theatres to jotting around Wales finding ROC posts.

Always followed the goings on on 28DL, although I never seemed to have joined in, think it's now time to join in and document my going on.

Thank you


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You must have lots of photos and reports to post up for 12 years worth of “exploring”

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