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I literally have no idea how this works so I'm probably posting in the wrong place! If I've got it wrong, can someone please guide Me! ta
Name is Lucy. Interested urban explorer but know absolutely nothing beyond exploring a few places that I've happened to come across on my travels myself.
Hoping to meet people , learn from the best and of course look at people's photos :)
Any way nice to meet everyone, please be nice, I'm not stupid - far from it, I'm just in unknown territory


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Welcome to the forum. No ones going to think your stupid all explorers no matter how good they are all start some where. Where you based ? Try and get a friend to join in with you it’s safer that way and more fun. Use the search button to see what’s in your area. But basically just get out their and enjoy yourself that’s what it’s all about. Look forward to seeing some reports.


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Also, it'd be handy to say where you're from. That way anyone looking for someone else to explore with, will know whether you're close by or not.

Everyone is friendly and sound.


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28DL Member
Hiya, I'm in York, north Yorkshire :)
Alot of places seem to be down south but I'm sure we have a lot of abandoned places up here too.
I've been to an amazing abandoned hotel in Antigua that we found by accident and one in ponta Delgada in the Azores so I might do reports of them and see how I get on :)

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