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Report - Newer report on the micklehurst loop 22/6/2020


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Hello again, I have visited the station once again, and have done more research about locations and how to find them. It has taken several years, but I’ve found all the secrets about the last standing Goods Shed at the micklehurst loop.

Hartshead Power Station was a coal fired power station situated at Stalybridge. It was started when land was purchased in 1910. The station finished building in 1918. It is located near the river Tame and the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. The power station was in use until 1979, and was demolished in 1980. The remainder power station is mostly fenced off. All that’s left is a few office building and a Generator Switch room. There is underground foundations and tunnels, but most have been filled in. All the rubble from the station has been left there, so it is extremely unsafe to go to.

Part 1: The Last Train


During the building of the Station, the Micklehurst Loop and ETB started working on a goods shed to store coal and trains for the Power Station. The remaining Goods Shed is still standing proudly, but is sadly a hollowed shell. The second and third floor are completely inaccessible without climbing up.


There were two conveyors at this area. A large overhead one that delivered coal to the Station from the Goods Shed, and an underground one the brought coal from the trains. Only some of the overhead conveyor remains, it is slightly exposed from the canal, and just seems to disappear into the forest


It is mighty impressive for a place that hasn’t been touched in 40 years






The underground conveyor is still there, but there was only one entrance I knew of originally. And it was a mangled mess of concrete and rusted metal. You could jump down, avoiding the metal, and see the small hole in the rubble


It’s was a mess, and a tight squeeze, but I managed to get through


This picture I took was inside the tunnel, behind the rubble. As you can see, it was horrible to climb through.


As you can see in one of the pics, there is a stick. I tried going ahead, but the second I came of the rocks, I sank. The mud was stinking, bubbly and very deep. It went past my thighs. I only managed to reach the stick, no further.


As you can see in this picture, there is something at the end of the hallway. It’s is a giant coal hopper. It was near the coal shed from my guess. Ever since I saw that, it was my priority. I would not stop for a full year until I found that. It may seem ridiculous, but it was fascinating to see. And I just wanted to find it. Several months after my previous report, someone posted something. A staircase in the woods here. It led into there. At that moment, I went psycho. There was an entrance, it does exist! I knew it existed, so i tried harder to find it. And after a year, I found it.


It was mossy, and dirty. It smelled rotten. But I had to go in. It turned out, I was wrong. It wasn’t near the goods shed. It was past that, a railway. I didn’t even see the rails before I fell on them.


It was some sort of catch, maybe a brake to catch the trains before they dropped the coal. There were several holes near it, but they were all filled in. They may of been areas for the train to drop the coal.

Now, enough about the rails, time for the stairs!

I went down, and the first thing you see is on the stairs.


FCC Ltd Derby


There was a strong breeze coming through, and what was through was extraordinary. This coal hopper hasn’t been touched in 40 years, and here I am



The room was large, but obviously not big enough for the giant hopper. It was slowly deteriorating, slowly breaking down. There were 4 hallways, and one of them led to that rubble entrance, but it was too dark to be able to see them well.

It was too dark for a good image, but there was what was probably a tool/lunch locker.

There was nothing else really left, but it was still amazing

On the other side of this staircase is a giant hole


I felt no breeze, and it stank of rotten eggs. It is much bigger than it looks, and the ladder tells me that it went deeper too, so I dint want to risk hurting myself in there

This is what the whole place used to look like https://www.timepix.uk/Collection-galleries/OS-Revision-Points-in-Greater-Manchester/1940s-1950s-Middleton-Oldham-and-Rochdale/Mossley/i-cw4Dq54/A

Part 2: The Electricity Transmission Line

Going back to the canal, we left the goods shed behind. As we follow along the canal, we came across a bunker-like structure in the woods. It looks like something out of a horror movie


The closer I get, I see the inside. It is full of what looks like broken wires. It was dark, and full of massive pieces of metal and concrete.



Danger: electricity


Following along, I get a massive jolt of fear as I see what looks like a skull.


Turns out to be a prick with a spray can. It was cable supports, which would explain all the broken wires. It is a cross shape, left led to a water pipe, right led to a ladder leading up into the giant chimney-like structure in the woods. Straight, however, led to a tunnel that dropped lower to a crouch. I didn’t take any pictures, as the mud was just as bad as in the conveyor. If I dropped my phone, I would of lost it As it sank, or it would break from the watery mud.

It went further, but the tunnel dropped to a crawl as there were what seemed like endless cable supports still standing. I decided it wasn’t worth it, and we turned back. There is an old picture, but it is hard to make out. But if you look close, you will see that it is the entrance https://www.timepix.uk/Collection-galleries/OS-Revision-Points-in-Greater-Manchester/1940s-1950s-Middleton-Oldham-and-Rochdale/Mossley/i-FNj7BBC/A

Part 3: the hole in the woods

When I was walking around, I found a strange wall on it’s own in the woods. I won’t show it, as there was big swastikas painted on both sides, so I don’t want to offend anyone. But in the other side of the wall, was a ladder into the underground


This really confused me. What was this? Why was this here in the middle of the woods? On the other side is a broken hole into it


I forgot to take a picture of what’s inside, I only took a vid. I’m unable to attach vids for some reason. But inside is a very low small hall, that leads to the ladder. But that’s it. If anyone knows what this could be, please tell me. It is really far from the station, and is in the middle of nowhere.

Part 4: the Train Housing

Walking further along the path from the goods shed, you come across a very broken down building in the woods. It was a Train Housing. The older picture I’m about to link shows what it used to look like, and shows a train coming out of it

All that is left, is an empty shell.



There is the outline of a staircase, but there are no stairs. Someone has propped up a fence, but I didn’t go up there. The fence was obviously old, and was very weak.

Further past that is what looks like a platform, but I’m not sure. Once again, I forgot to take a picture. Sadly there’s isn’t much left at this but a bridge further along


Part 5: The Burnt Car

Next to the Goods shed, there is an area full of burnt, brown grass. On it, is a Burnt car.


On the side, the was Mitsubishi and it’s logo on its side. The car was too broken to be able to tell what model it is though.

Thank you for reading this if you read it all, I really appreciate it! This has been several years worth of exploration, and I have finally found all secrets of the Goods Shed and it’s surrounding area


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You're missing more of the conveyor system by not looking close into those holes further back from the goods shed.

Are some of those pictures stills from a video?


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You're missing more of the conveyor system by not looking close into those holes further back from the goods shed.

Are some of those pictures stills from a video?
Correct, some of the pictures from inside the broken hole are from Martin Zero, I forgot to credit him.

More of the conveyor? I really need to know as this has really intrigued me

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Very comprehensive, and a nice explore. If there is more, Id love to see it. I may have to break my vow and watch a YT vid :thumb


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Yes, the images towards the end of Alleys report show these sections.
Ok I think I know what you mean. Is it in the hole next to the staircase? As I can’t really think where else that would be. I just really want to know, as I’m going in the next few days and I don’t want to go in the wrong tunnel and end up dead