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Report - - Newick ROC Post -Sussex Group - 16/01/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Newick ROC Post -Sussex Group - 16/01/08

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Reckless & irresponsible
28DL Full Member
Managed to find it in the dark and in heavy rain, wasnt expecting much as sub brit says it was flooded.......and it still was but only about a foot or so.

the water has caused loads of rust, the hatch mechanism is broken and the counter balance weight in just hanging from the hatch making it very heavy

there was something a bit creepy about this one, when i opened the hatch loads of steam came out! i think the cold air outside was to blame but hence the blurred pics...


didnt venture off the ladder as the water was black and i couldnt tell exactly how deep it was


the door was lying in the water

never seen so much condensation


cos the hatch was so heavy i had to prop it open, in the dark i found what i thought was a scaffold pole and dug it in the ground

wasnt till i got back out i realised the pole was actually the drainage pump:D

i was gonna put the pump back in the shaft but had to make a hasty retreat

Strange how it is flooded cos on my map its marked as a covered reservoir:crazy