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Report - Newport Transporter Bridge, Newport - Oct 2013


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Visited with Wellingtonian, End-proc, Grit and Seffy.

Big thanks to Wellingtonian on this one. We had checked this out previously with the intention of going up but it turned out we needed a little creativity so arranged a re-visit and up we went.

We probably hadn't picked the best time to ascend this beauty, what with the 'Worst storm in 20 years' approaching within hours, we decided to go up there anyway. It kind of paid off, the wind wasn't much but the rain was very annoying and ruined a few of my shots. It was a constant battle to keep the lens free of rain drops, but the rain won a few times.

The Newport Transporter Bridge is one of only six operational transporter bridges left world wide from a total of twenty constructed. The bridge opened in 1906 and has dominated the Newport skyline ever since. The transporter bridge is basically a suspended ferry that can operate more efficiently than a conventional ferry. The towers stand at 242 foot high and the bridge has been built to withstand wind speeds of up to 110 mph.
On with the photos:


Seffy sporting his brolly:




At this point the lights went off!


End-Proc and Grit has already ascended the tower that we accessed the bridge on. So we decided to climb the other tower. You can just about make out two figures on the other side:




Thanks for looking.​
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