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Report - Newport Transporter Bridge, Newport - October 2012


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Millhouse dropped us a call while I was out messing about and within an hour or so we were in MD's car, meeting Larey, Ell and Josh infront of this giant piece of metal.

It had been damp all night with a few patches of rain and fog, gave a different effect to the snaps.

Shot on some cheapo capitalcolour 200 speed film that Nick gave us a while back, cheers man.

They all came out red-ish, no idea why, doesn't really matter. Cheeky snap on MH's digital at the bottom.

She was built and opened in 1906, there are only 8 remaining worldwide and was the last one for me to climb in the UK.

It spans the River Usk, stands at a full height of 242ft and the gondola travels it's 645ft length.






take it easy!


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