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Report - Newsham Park Hospital Morgue, Liverpool - August 2016


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Visited with @vxer13 and another member (sorry mate forgot your username, am sure it was a random set of letters & numbers but cant remember right now, let me know & can namedrop you properly). Cheers guys this was pretty cool, we only got into the morgue which in my opinion is the best bit so was pretty pleased, had a good crack at getting into the rest of the hospital but no success, and about 5 mins after we had been in the morgue we heard a dog barking its head off :eek:. After we had deduced that it was definitely on the grounds we legged it & jumped over a wall, then one of the other lads noticed that it was fenced in we were back over the wall looking for a way in to the main hospital. Here are the photos I managed to get hopefully Vxer & Zak can add more?


"Newsham Park Hospital is a grade 2 listed building in Liverpool. It now lies derelict but was previously a hospital prior to which it was the Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution. the Seamens Orphanage.
Before 1869, there was no institution in Liverpool for the support and education of the orphans of British seamen. The first move to establish such an institution was made by a group of leading Liverpool ship-owners in 1868.
The sponsors of the project comprised a group of ship-owners and merchants who for some time had been concerned how best to help the widows and families of deceased Merseyside men including those lost at sea. Members of the public were invited to attend a meeting at the Mercantile Marine Service Association Rooms on 16 December 1868, at which the resolution to found such an establishment was proposed by Ralph Brocklebank and Bryce Allan, both leading ship-owners and philanthropists. James Beazley, another leading ship-owner, was invited to be chairman of the committee to establish an orphanage.

One of the ship-owner sponsors wrote on 17 December 1868 to nine of his colleagues offering to donate £500 to start a building fund if they would donate the same amount. There was an immediate response to this letter, and further donations were received following a more widespread public appeal. In 1869. Account was opened in Heywoods Bank, Brunswick Street.Within a few months there was enough money for the General Committee to look round for a temporary home.

In 1946, preparations were made for a return to Newsham Park, but with the great expansion in the country's social service schemes, many surviving parents were understandably reluctant to place their children in the orphanage. This led to a gradual decline in the number of resident children. New laws prohibited children under 11 years of age being educated at the same school as older children, and young children living in an institutional school.
Despite Newsham Park's endowment, financial difficulties were increasing and there seemed little prospect of bridging the widening gap between income and expenditure. As a result the orphanage was closed on 27 July 1949 while continuing to implement the objectives of the founders in providing means for the education and maintenance of the children of deceased British merchant navy seamen.
Places in various schools were found for those then being housed and educated at Newsham Park. Most were transferred to the Royal Merchant Navy School at Bearwood, fees, etc. being borne by Newsham Park.
The sale of the premises at Newsham Park to the Ministry of Health for use as a hospital realised £125,000 in 1951; the proceeds were forwarded to the Charity Commissioners for investment.
The committee continued to provide support to orphaned seamen's children on a non-resident basis, thus continuing to pursue the original objectives of the institution's founders, with special emphasis on education.
The work of the Institution in providing for the relief and education of the orphaned children of seamen continues today, and in 1969 the Institution celebrated its centenary.
Newsham Park Hospital opened its doors in 1954. The hospital developed its own psychiatric department and received an influx of patients with severe mental problems.
The hospital officially stopped taking new patients in 1988 and in 1992 all remaining patients and staff were relocated.
In 1992 with the closure of Rainhill Lunatic Asylum the inmates were moved to Newsham Park Hospital taking up 90% of its space and some £1.6 million was spent on the hospital so it could house its new patients. There are still notices posted on boards in the School block and paperwork in the property that are dated 1996. All records of patients and staff have been closed for 100 years from 1997 when the building was finally vacated of patients and staff.
In 1997 the property was brought in auction by a property developer.
In 2004 a plan by its owners Gateway Properties to develop the building into flats was defeated by local regeneration campaigners, and in July 2007 the site was put up for sale.

Obviously being a derelict hospital it must be haunted and is now apparently used for ghost hunts, know that @Ferox went there once pretending to be a ghost hunter so he could see it & recce it for a possible explore, he had told me about it before as he mentioned the big security dogs there but I didn't realise this was the place until after this visit.


There was a little square 'doorway' into this weird little room which was empty apart from this chair, we were all puzzled as to the purpose of this room if anyone can shed any light...







found this weird little shrine as well which was pretty cool


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Cheers for posting your shots, I wonder who on earth would buy a building like this after one previous refusal to develop it, I am surprised that it has been on the market for 12 years and had no fire..cough cough. The fridges look awesome :thumb

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Hey awesome report, tried a few times no luck to get in the main building, was this just a small section you could gain access to or did you manage to explore the whole building. Am guessing no otherwise you would have poste pics? thanks for sharing


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Cheers for commenting guys @ZF1637 get your photos up fella! Yeah the 'shrine/chapel' was pretty weird.
@Urban Artists yes this was the only bit of the hospital that was accessible, sorry if that wasn't clear in my write up :p


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@BrainL saw one of them through the fence, wasn't happy about us being there at all haha, did you get into the rest of the hospital or just the morgue like us?


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@BrainL saw one of them through the fence, wasn't happy about us being there at all haha, did you get into the rest of the hospital or just the morgue like us?
Just the morgue for me as well... soon as we walked in there to dogs started barking, couldn't get out of there quick enough hahaha


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caretaker lives there! been on 3 ghost hunts there this year, amazing building! got voices on my recorder and door moved on its own!


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#The Kwan, the guy who owns it now is keeping hold of Newsham Hospital as he charges between £1000 & £2000 each night for ghost hunts! Not bad hey for just having a building! Big bucks


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#The Kwan, the guy who owns it now is keeping hold of Newsham Hospital as he charges between £1000 & £2000 each night for ghost hunts! Not bad hey for just having a building! Big bucks
you mean he earns £1000-£2000 altoegther a night? i heard that if you go 8am on a sunday morning, he lets you in for a fiver

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