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Video Report - Newsome Mill, Huddersfield, Feb 2016


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Really well visited place this one. The building is fairly empty and simple in it's layout, not much to see unless you're a big fan of empty mills. There is however a clock tower which can be accessed if you're a good climber or have brought along a set of ladders.

Some history from the campaign to save the mill...

Newsome Mills sits at the heart of Newsome – both geographically and historically. The mill was founded by John Taylor in 1827 and was a working woolen textile mill right up until 1983. During the 156 years of its operation, the mill made a significant contribution to Newsome. The village has grown around the mill, which was the main local employer for a long time. Many families who live in Newsome today have a direct relationship to the building.


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Nice pants, they make your legs invisible when you're looking for access l0l.

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