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Lead or Rumour info - Newsome Mill - Huddersfield - Nov 2016


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Access was a bitch anyway, but it looks like Newsome is a write off now.

From the article:
A blaze that tore through a four-storey former textile mill in Huddersfield was "suspected arson", police have said.

The fire was reported at about 04:50 GMT, according to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service.

John Holmes, who lives nearby, said the noise of the roof bursting into flames and the floors of the mill collapsing woke him up.

Ian Bitcon, from the fire service, said it was "a very substantial and established fire".

The service would be present at the site for the rest of the day, he added.

Det Insp Mark Walker urged anyone who saw "suspicious activity" in the area to contact West Yorkshire Police.

A fire service investigation is under way and has already provided police information about suspected arson.

Ruth Street, in Newsome, Huddersfield, is still closed.

Mr Beady

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Access couldn't have been that much of a bitch. There were about ten kids flying in and out of a large hole when I last went a few months back.


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Shame, was a lovely mill. It's been sitting there for so long though I guess it's inevitable.


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Alright that's fair haha, access was a bitch when I last popped up for a look about 18 month ago!
That was before someone knocked @8ft of Blocks out of the back wall about 6 months ago. It had always been well defended on my previous random visits over the last few years.

The floors are probably safer to walk on now ironically :eek: