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Report - NGTE Pyestock, Hampshire - November 2012


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I am more than sure that everyone on the internet is familiar with the National Gas Turbine Establishment at Pyestock - given its recent urban exploration fame. After seeing report after report of fantastic industrial ruin, I had to get going!

Visited with non-members : Alec, Rob & edgley​

It was arguably the world's leading research facility into the research and design of gas turbines (or jet engines). "V" bomber, Harrier and Tornado engines were designed and refined in its custom test facilities; the air plant and custom cells could fly a Concorde engine at Mach 2 from the safety of the ground; all the gas turbines used by the Navy were put through harsh, enduring sea-worthiness tests; and the hush-hush top-secret captured Soviet engines were discretely tested for performance and reverse engineered.

A fantastically detailed and well written history can be found here http://www.ngte.co.uk/intro/index.htm
We awoke under the cover of darkness, meeting up just before 5am and hitting the clear morning road south. It took about an hour of nervous banter and suiting up before we finally arrived. We scouted for a place to park and ended up around a mile away, so we could make different routes if caught or pursued.

Looking like the most disorganized motley Tac squad ever we approached the fence along the treeline and moved west though awfully thick mud until we found a hole in the outer fence, behind which there was a hole in the heras.

Once through we dashed across the perimiter road and took cover by the large filters/dryers behind the airhouse. After a quick sanity check we climbed the cooling towers to await sunrise.


We made our way down and along the front of the Air House as the sun came into full strength.


The customary shot from the crane

The control room is looking really trashed now

We then moved out through Cell 3, fully investigating the Cell, but forgetting the Monks Passage!


We then made our way to Cell 4, which feels so utterly large

Then finally, after nearly 5 hours mooching - to the Plant House


At this point we decided to head out and get some grub, as we had barely seen a sign of life we figured it must be time for security to appear soon.

We made our way back across, past the plant house toward our original entrance, only to find it had vanished:eek::eek::eek:

Looking along the fence we realized our entry point had been sealed, and were in the process of frantically unsealing it when we saw a camo clad gent waving from a bush, whom it turns out was a fellow explorer and mates on the way in. After a decent chat we departed to our second hole.

As we walked over to the fence, we heard a Defender 110 tearing toward us , and a yelp and hand signals from our new acquaintances. To our horror, our outer hole was sealed too, so while two of us laid prone trying to rip the fence apart the other two took cover, just as the high-vis approached, we finally breached and made a run for the treeline, no stopping until we were well out of site!

Pictures in this report are a mixture of mine and edgleys, more of both can be found at http://edgley.org/ngte-pyestock-exploration/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/nomisf/sets/72157632122941077 !

Oh, and nearly forgot - there were a lot of chairs..


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