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Report - NGTE Pyestock, July 2011


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First of all I'd like to thank Treads for providing the transport and making everything that went on today possible. About time I did this too.

Visited with Treads, Landie and Zotez. Got off to a rather slow start having found the fence completely secured and it very difficult for all of us to climb. Took ages but we finally found a chink in its armour and made our way in. Not a big deal but we nearly pulled out because of the time we spent looking, and as a result didn't see anything really beyond the usual hotspots. Made our way up the bank but briefly had to hide from the van (was the first time we heard it) then made our way to the Airhouse which was pretty cool. Had a very nice control room despite the vandalism and damage. Access was among the filthiest and least comfortable I've ever had to endure but nonetheless it was worth it. Made our way to Cell 4 via Cell 3 (missed this due to time restrictions) and Monk's Tunnel, which was really cool and the best building on site IMO.

Security compared to previous reports done on here definitely were far more relaxed thankfully. We'd seen the fence patrol near the beginning but he was too far away for either of us to bother. Spent the next hour looking for a way in and there continued to be nothing. Got in, then heard the van twice but again no problem there. Heard the van from the airhouse but never again after that. Funny 'cause as soon as we got to the car the fence patrol appeared again so we said hi to each other, the he looked back not knowing what to do! Ha!

Excuse me if the pictures are a bit cliche but I hope you like them still.

My first panoramic shot :)













As much as I enjoyed this and as epic as it may be, I don't see myself returning to Pyestock anytime soon. To be honest without offending Pyestock devotees it is somewhat boring compared to other explores I've done. Why? Because not only has every part of it been documented I've seen it way too many times to be amazed by it anymore. As a result it's lost that "what lies beyond here?" and "what's that over there" appeal which is one of the reasons I never bothered with tourist hotspots like West Park. That said I'm glad to have finally ticked this off the list of places to go.

Oh and by the way I forgot to add, when we got back to the car a dog unit van came down the road! Lucky they didn't catch me this time the bastards! Ha!


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