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Well well well, what a day. Started the day off in North Camp, which turns out to be MILES AWAY from Pyestock (thanks a lot Mookie you bastard!), then spent AGES looking over and asking people around how to get there. My God were they friendly - we eventually found it with the help of an old couple nearby who gave us a map! All in all, to say that finding Pyestock when you've come by train is nothing short of a complete nightmare. Oh well, still we had a great day nosing around Aldershot!

As for the explore itself, given that we spent a lot of our time looking for it, we sadly only had 2 hours to look around it. Well at least we got to look at the Power Station which was wicked and nosed about in the middle bit for exterior shots. Didn't see security as such, but within minutes we'd seen a National Power van (there's a live generator on site) drive out so we had to leg it fast before we were seen. Only did the Power Station sadly as we didn't have enough time and another reason that I'll come to shortly. I gotta say, for what we saw it was truly brilliant! We'd heard footsteps and movement below us in the Power Station but it probably was pigeons as we went down and no-one was there and there was no way out afaik.

Moved on up to the West end of the site, and got inside a turbine when we heard security walking past with an Alsatian! Fuck! First Urbex dog encounter! Anyway we could hear him panting for a few minutes, and we were pretty sure the guard climbed up on the turbine (YoDawg65 was hidden on the stairs; me below the Turbine itself) as we could see the shadow he cast inside. Given that we thought there were police with dogs on site (didn't see a police car though) and the fact that we had to head back due to lost time, we decided to go.

OK it was disappointing that it was cut short, but worry not, WE WILL RETURN! Sorry about the few pics too, but I hope you all understand.









Cheers for looking anyway,


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