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After reading in the local news that Developers for Pyestock had won their battle to build a supermarket hub on the site, I realised that if I wanted to see if first hand then I'd have to squeeze a visit in ASAFP before the decomissioning boys go in.

I know this place has had all manner of accurate write ups and Info, so will keep the words brief.


Once in, the scale of the place really becomes apparent and wished I had allowed myself more time.


My visit was minute in contrast to most as the only areas I could access were the "number 10 exhauster house" and "test cell 3" aswell as couple of subsidiary buildings.


After seeing these pipes on other reports (and from google earth) I thought they were big but unremarkable, Once next to them however, they are huge and very impressive.





Apart from age and maintenance neglect, the site looks like it has suffered very little from vandalism.





Climbing up this gantry brought on a bit of vertigo, so this was as high as I went and with a string of expletive deletives I climbed down with white knuckles. I don't do heights and put me hands up to it. Respect to you gents that went right along the catwalk.


The blackboard behind the radio had an array of comments from explorers and their tags. (But of course cropped it out of this pic as i'm sure it would be against the regs)


At first I thought this room was a telephone exhange room or a PABX suite, but realised its the sensor connectors for the engine test bay next door.




I'd read of the one and only building that really delivers the wow factor to this site. The "Air house", I located it, but couldnt obtain access, as security had removed lower gantry steps and double layered doors with plyboard. As it was getting dark too I realised I'd lost this opportunity and like a spoilt 11 year old stomped off back to my exit point.


Although, I snapped out if it when I heard noises close by, had to be security as fellow explorers don't whistle the theme to "Knights in white satin" while on the job. I managed to slip away, but noticed my exit point had been disturbed. To summarise, easily the best "Splore" Ive done, wish I'd left more time. Security seemed effeceint and apart from being careful of heights and low access points, the place is not a ridiculous minefield from neglect and decay, at least not from what I saw.

Genuine thanks for viewing.


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