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Tony Scott

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28DL Member
Hi all, I don't think I've ever actually added anything here, rather, I've been looking for sites to explore but, I have been out n about, here n there over the last year or so, so, I thought I'd add some phots etc. I worked on a contract last year that took me from S Wales to N Scotland, well, the Cromarty firth area, which meant I had a bit of time to myself for exploring.
I travelled down to Nigg because I'd seen an old building from Cromarty and I was fascinated by what it was .....
I'll try to dig out the internal photos and add them later, they were phone phots.
I couldn't find any references to this site on here but, I'm sure someone has been in the Nigg Ferry Hotel.
The site is wide open and there was open access round the back. There are several other buildings around but it looks like someone if levelling the site and some buildings are half covered, sadly.


Calamity Jane

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Missing photos buddy. Also area, mth & yr in title. Have a look here , it might be a case you didnt select insert all.


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