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Night Photography


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28DL Full Member
One I did a while back at Tanfield Lee Railway..
Nearly a 5 minute exposure, while running around with different coloured LED torches...


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It says i may not add attachments...also, i have a flickr account, but ill have a read of the 'adding photos' part of the forum
You need the add the bbcode not the direct link.there needs to be img tag at the front and rear of the image link,flickr is tricky as they add linkbacks,also use the preview pist first


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Loving a lot of the photos in this thread and some nice effort has been put in. I've recently started messing around with light painting but unfortunately I have a maximum exposure time of 8 seconds which in some cases can be enough but other times it's not. I have uploaded one of the better shots that i've taken and will hopefully get some good ones soon.