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Night Photography


Dirty Donker
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I'm still under moderation but got used to it now lol. I'm still wading through this thread and amazed at some of the great photos.


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28DL Full Member
cool thanks, think i'm slightly screwed as my logest exposure is 60 sec haha, but thanks for the tips anyway i'll have a go a bit more
You can also buy (what I call because i don't actually know the right name) Time-lapse remote's which allow you to bump the exposure up to a few minutes :)

Bertie Bollockbrains

The Spice Must Stop
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Technically not a night photo, but seems to be the best place for this:

Partial Solar eclipse through the clouds- 20th March 2015, as seen in Wiltshire on a 400mm lens. This is 86% coverage on the sun.