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Question - Nikon camera batteries


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Quick bit of advice from Nikon users please. I need to get me a couple of spare batteries for my D3200 and have been warned only to get real Nikon batteries as the cheap ones on Ebay aren't compatible. Can anyone verify this or please advise me on some cheap alternatives that do work as I can't afford to be spending £30 a pop needlessly. Thank you in advance :Not Worthy


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The cheap ones will work but they are shit mate, I've a 5000 a 7000 and an 800 and I've tried aftermarket batteries in all 3 and found them to last nowhere near as long as the Nikon originals


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In my experience, the fake (but still not massively cheap) ones do work, but not forever. The battery life still seems to be the same as the genuine ones, but they seem to stop working after a while. Granted, it's a fair while. However, I'd always get the genuine ones where possible. This is coming from someone who also had a D3200 :)

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For a D90, the aftermarket batteries do work, but they don't last as long in service and don't hold the charge as well. Good as a backup though.

Then again, there's probably good and bad copies.


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From a canon perspective, I use both genuine and 3rd party (hahnel and Ansmann)... They don't last as long but there is not much in it, never had many compatibility issues.. But with 2 3rd party batteries costing less than 1 genuine, you are def going to get more life from them 2... But saying this I have just tried charging a hahnel one in my new charger and it wont charge up, so I got a £2 charger of ebay and all is good again.


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As others have said above, cheap versions seem to work the same then have a habit of dying after a short period (this goes for all types of batteries). As much as original accessories are expensive - a battery is worth the investment. Watch out for people on eBay also selling 'originals' that are fake - best bet buy through Nikon or an approved vendor. :thumb


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Try "Expro" on Amazon mate their the ones i"ve always used in all my Cameras etc that i told you about back in Feb" ;)

Good customer feedback and returns policy if you should need it ?

With sony A77 ones selling for £70 and supposed genuine ones off Amazon for @£40 which i tried i had to take the risk at an extortionate £15 off Expro, so i now have 4 from them plus god knows how many for my various Panasonic cam"s and additional cam"s.

Show battery life & charge fine & last ok.Can"t complain when genuine is 3-5 times the price of these.Obviously you wouldn"t expect the cells or the electronics inside to be the same quality,but then again you never know :)

I must admit i use Expro Combo Car chargers as well, and never had any issues with those, either via mains or in the car. And charge even the genuine ones up fine :)

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I have bought Duracell batteries for my canon and they are excellent. A duracell for your d3200 is £24.99 from currys, which is a small saving on a nikon one:)

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