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Nikon d5300


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28DL Full Member
Hi all

I have a nikon d5300 with a 18-140mm lens and have a 85mm lens to.

Been looking for a wide angel lens wondered if anyone uses the
8-16mm?? if so what you think of it? or could anyone recommend a wide angel lens to get. mainly want to use it for. city scapes, and in side abandoned buildings and in tight places.

Thanks in advance


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I use Tokina 11-16 I like it.read the reviews also sigma 10-20 also a decent lens..


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My choice would be one of these: Tokina 11-16mm / 11-20mm, Sigma 10-20, or Nikon 12-24mm.

Had the Sigma, was a pretty solid lens to be fair. Now I have a Tamron 10-24mm and its not as good, fortunately I only got it to use on my D7200 when I don't want to drag the full frame gear out :D

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