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Offered - Nikon D600 Body

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Hi, Selling my Nikon D600 so thought i would stick it on here before it goes on Ebay.

In very good nick, 17k shutter counts, boxed with all accessories, UK stock not a grey import and registered with Nikon UK for warranty. Brilliant FX (Full frame) camera always looked after, never had any issues with the oil/dust on the sensor which some batches suffered from, i have cleaned the sensor a couple of times myself just as routine maint.

Also included is the removable Hahnel battery grip shown in the pics.

Priced at £650 posted anywhere in UK (donation to 28 upon any sale)




Product Information
The Nikon D600 is a digital SLR with advanced optics and a CMOS FX sensor of 24.3 effective megapixels. The sensor of this professional SLR can record ambient light for perfect image reproduction, with deep and vivid colours.The light sensitivity of the D600 goes up to 25600 ISO, ideal for shooting portraits at night. Even with a short exposure time and low light, this camera captures vivid details with a low amount of blur.The 39 points autofocus provides excellent tracking. The D600 refocuses the image with a simple adjustment.With D-lightning, visual rendering is improved. This program automatically and intelligently preserves details in lights and shadows to make the image as homogeneous and perfectly exposed as possible.And now you can capture fast moving objects! The D600 records up to 5 frames per second in burse mode. This Nikon SLR also has a Full HD video mode with a D-Movie function and multizone image mode. This mode lets you record videos in different formats (FX or DX) at various speeds.This robust camera body is made from water resistant magnesium alloy. The D600 also has a cleaning mode. Each time it's turned on, a small vibration is triggered to clean off residue that has deposited on your Nikon's sensor.​


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good man, proper decent camera, I managed to get a 28mm lens for the time being until I can afford to spend a bag of sand on a proper full frame lens :p

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