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This'll be interesting for me having been a Canon man since the late 80's! :popcorn

What in people's opinion is the best Nikon that is 24Mp+?

I have no knowledge of Nikon's as I say but am seriously thinking of ditching Canon next time for a Nikon.

Bored of Canon stuff and you seem to get more for your money in a Nikon, plus I rate their optics too.

I had a 'mess about' with a friend's some years ago and thought it was a nice kit.

Where the hell have the top LCD screens gone though these days? I used to like those.


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the top LCD screens are still there on the uppermid range & top models.
not sure why it has to be over 24mpx though as the 12 mpx of the D700 & D3 series has always been considered enough, even in full frame.


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I have the d600 and it's a fantastic bit of kit, noise at high iso levels is pretty much non existent.. Couple it with a 50mm f1.4 and it's truly amazing


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Nikon is the best for photographs. I have been using D800 and it is 36.3MP.
Even though i own a D800 and love it, i'd disagree with the above statement.

A photograph isn't just about the equipment used.

But, you probably wouldn't care as your first post was the above and you're spanning a damp proofing company.

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Personally I would go for the D600 if 24Mpixel is what you want, having played with both the D600 and the D800, I can't see any reason to spend the extra money for not a whole lot more IMHO.

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