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Report - Nile Mill Chadderton 05/2010....



Visited with host on what seems to be an endless track round Oldham searching for mills and industry...Almost round every corner you seem to see a different mill some derelict but most still in use .This is nile mill part used by small local businesses and for storageThe Nile Mill Chadderton opened in 1898 and was constructed by the Nile spinning and doublingCo Ltd the architect was Philip sidney scott who in his time designed more than 124 mill's 28 of them abroad, when it was complete it was the largest ring spinning mill in the world it was also the last cotton mill to be built with the traditional beam engine gear and vertical drive shaft. extensions were added to the mill in 1905 then 1907,1912.1914, production ended for this mill in 1960 and is of grade II listing.......













Thanks for looking Oldskool........

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