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No.1 The Gateway: Poplar, London : Sept.2008 | Downfallen |

No.1 The Gateway: Poplar, London : Sept.2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
No.1 The Gateway, Poplar, London
240ft / 25 floors
Under Construction
Construction started in 2006. Currently being internally fitted
Residential Accomodation, close to Canary Wharf and the DLR. All flats have been sold for some time now. Handover is scheduled towards the end of this year.




20 seconds to comply...

This project has been slated by many as an ugly a classic example of 'neo' brutalism.
True ,true...pretty it isnt...but it sits in the position of offering spectacular views of the O2, Ontario Tower and Canary I was keen to see.
So ...despite it sitting next to a set of extremely busy road, the game was afoot.
Inside ....everything seems cooler than the gang.
Level 4 ...Im climbing the stairs when 'ping' the lights in the stairwell go on...and a booming , feminine voice belts out...
'Intruder...Intruder.....Security have been alerted and are attending...please press your ID card against the light within the next 20 seconds '


I look around like a wally....
'what fucking light ??' :p
(never mind the ID card)
Despite the lights, an alarm and the repeated verbal warning....I think
Dont panic until its absolutely time to panic !!
I choose a secure spot in the compound to hang around, until I figure out what the level of the response will be.
Up on top....the views are magnificent.....Canary Wharf on one side, The O2 and Ontario Tower on the other.
Despite the roof absolutely stinking of piss ( I figure its the current toilet for the site workers) I chill and get some pictures before heading down and exploring some of the flats and balconies, which like most residential developments around here....are a bit small and cramped, but do offer some nice views.

When finished I head down..looking out for the alarm trigger- a PIR....I spot it , but too late and off it goes again.....muppet :rolleyes:
It was little tricky getting out, thanks to the Security guard now being fully switched on...but thanks to some comedy creeping around in the shadows , he didn't see / hear me, so all's well that ends well.


Up on top, I found the light switch for London

And pressed it....:p

Canary Wharf to the South...

Elektron Towers to the East

The O2 and Ontario Tower close by

Another freebie for my 'non UE' post lurkers...:rolleyes:(220 to here)

The terrace views have to be what you are paying for on this building.



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