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Report - No Soup, Tyldsley - March 2014.


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No Soup, Tyldsley

I was just about to reach for the Tesco value pork pies at the light refreshment isle when my phone pinged

Nearly time for drains with ViralEye, Snake Oil, Ojay and NickinDroy. Kenni would rather stay at home with a dirty movie and a box of kleenex

After queuing for an age I was 5p short and had to call Nick out from the bogs to assist

A short while later we met up with the other 2 and drove the wrong way, "I can see this is going to be an interesting evening", as we hadn't even made it out of the car park

Not really worthy of a report as such, I thought I'd share this as I've been sat on it for a good 2 years and also it's been a good while since I contributed anything useful here

Look forward to seeing the others pics of the place as it was a bit of a last minute job as usual!

Luckily our point of interest was only a stones throw away and wasn't long before our nostrils were filled with that all to familiar smell of fresh

I was expecting a large CSO & Tank here, Bingo..

Except, which ever muppet fitted the manhole into the screening chamber failed to seat it correctly thus preventing the guard to lift beyond the collar without any naughty business

The rest of the lids were locked tight and the only other one we did budge was ladderless


(I may have to return with some 9mm static for a look in) ;)

Not to be deterred we cracked on all the same

As we were spoilt for choice with lids, and after a fair bit of fuss (without going into too much detail) the last lid we managed to lift presented a way in to a large shit-tank

Some dubious vapours wafted as we raised the ironwork, so we left it to air a few mins before I shot down with the meter just in case

As I threw some lumens down I could see it was a sizeable affair, and continued to descend, just over 1m down and the nice shiny ladder turned to shit, literally!

It's evident this thing fills to the brim and quite recently judging by the ladder and tide mark

Concious of the impending storm outside, we couldn't really have picked a worse evening for it if we tried :eek:

Being it was a recce I didn't take my gear down, just a torch to see what's what

Around 10m down a small gantry affords some respite, some goon had left the hatch open, offering imminent death by arse soup below if one slipped off the ladder, which was highly probable given the state of it

However, the opening sure made for a nice view but fuck me was it sketch so I slammed it shut as soon as I was down, further allowing one more person to descend, cue ViralEye...


(pic taken by Nick)

I now had to shoot back up for my camera & tripod and repeat the process once more..

The in-accessible CSO (for now) dumps it's load into this holding tank when at capacity; via a large funnel we could see from above, and also having earlier popped another lid

Any 'left-overs' are pumped back into the sewer, thus avoiding any UID's back into the nearby watercourse to keep our friends from the Enviro-mental Agency happy :rolleyes:

Our main ladder continues another 15m down to a further submerged gantry which you can just about see on the left hand side

The tank appears much deeper, and I would be interested to see how deep that pit is which feeds the 3 large suction pumps

Anyways, I thought this would be a good opportunity to give the P7.2 a proper whirl

..except it failed hard to even touch the size of this thing so I threw it back in the bag and fetched out some bigger, better and much cheaper chinese thing instead

It was then I remembered I hadn't used my new 'fake' Nikon wireless remote since I purchased it so out that came too


I wasn't expecting much for £1.62 having sacrificed my genuine one to another sewer about 6 months ago, but it didn't play ball and was as much use as a pork pie at a Jewish wedding, so I lobbed it into the soup

'bulb' wasn't an option so we spent the next 10 mins waving torches about like dicks attempting to grab a couple of shit pics before returning to the surface,
allowing the other 2 time to drop down and grab some more photatoes



Gantry, and ladders up/down

(they don't look as bad here, but I can assure you above and below were much worse and I'm sure the lads will vouch for that) :D


'Immenent pit of arse soup'


A shit selfie and out


Look forward to seeing the rest of the pics :)


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I can only add to this, by telling you that Ojay phoned me on the way home, to tell me there were 2 pork pies he'd forgot about, on my back seat. Damn nice they were n'all. :D


viraleye emerges


A couple of minutes of video, some sweet echo abound.



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These turdy tanks are always nasty and grim. The worst bit is always the ladders and railings which just collect another layer of filth after each storm. Interesting to see that nearly every one is a bit different.