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Video Report - Nocton Hall & RAF Hospital (Lincolnshire) Video Response


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28DL Full Member
Hey all, I know Nocton Hall is a pretty popular place to visit as its quiet and there's plenty to explore.
Knowing this, last year in April time, I went there 4 or 5 times to get a few photos and a lot of film footage and put together for one of my end projects in my final year of University a video response to it. I tried to get a broad coverage of everything. I also found a diary when I was there, which, I wrote out and used as a voice over (I still have the diary). There was also 3 photo's still in tact in the front of it which can been seen at the end of the video.
I'm also still looking for the owner of the Diary so If anyone has an idea of someone who it might belong to, please let me know.
If you watch my video then enjoy :D