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Video Report - Nocton Hall & RAF Hospital Nocton Hall



Nocton Hall and the RAF Hospital nearby has some interesting history. The house itself was built in the 1500s in the time of Henry VIII reign in England, he even visited the house a couple of times himself. The house had a number of different owners and was burned down and rebuilt, as well as extended over a period of a couple hundred years.

The building itself now stands in ruin after a fire in the 90s but the exterior is still in tact and shows just how beautiful this building once was.

Getting inside was easy due to being wide open, and the poor attempt of the authorities to prevent access was quite funny. There is a doubled up fence which frankly isn't going to stop anyone who wants to get in there.

Some people say it's haunted but, the only place we really felt anything "creepy" was in the basement level where a dirty old bed was left rotting with the rest of the building. That room had an atmosphere all of it's own.