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Report - Nocton military hospital - Lincolnshire - February 2014


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The second part of our Lincolnshire road trip.

Had a day trip out to Lincolnshire with two non - members. The weather was really good and it felt like summer!

Down the A1 we nearly had a serious collision with some guy who just pulled out in front of us! Anyway, the first stop was Sleaford Bass Maltings. We couldn't gain access and we were gutted (any tips would be greatly appreciated!). Not wanting to waste the day we headed to Nocton for the second site we had planned.

I have done the hall and the hospital as two separate reports.

Oh and I finally have a proper camera so no more Galaxy s4 shots :D

Nocton Hall was acquired by the Air Ministry in 1940 and turned into an RAF Hospital, and in 1943 the Americans took possession of the Hall and grounds for a second time. Nocton became home for the United States Army Seventh General Hospital and the Hall was used as the Officers’ Club.

At the end of the War in 1945 the RAF selected Nocton Hall to be their permanent hospital for the county of Lincolnshire. RAF Nocton Hall was a 740 bed hospital under RAF control until 1984, used by civilians and forces personnel, one of the country’s undisputed RAF Hospitals. The decision to close Nocton Hall as a military hospital was taken on 31st March 1983.

(history taken from 'the wombat' cheers mate :) )

This place is pretty trashed now and has the longest corridor I have ever seen!








Full 18x zoom, so bloody long!

Shot of the trip for me.



Operating theatre.


Well it helped going round this place with my mate who is a doctor, he could easily identify the different areas!

Cheers guys! :thumb

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