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General - noob intro post with 1st explore (Winstanley hall)


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stumbled across this site randomly and found myself a new hobby last week. explored the site for a few days and decided id get out and find something worth posting to introduce myself with. Im obsessed with this site at the min and have non stop been out exploring since i found it so thanks to you all. gutted it took me till the end of lock down to find it though anyways my first explore i warn you all now im not the best speller so forgive me.

Winstanley hall (wigan)

gaining entrance isnt too hard if your sneaky. there's a building in the road as you enter so we followed the round round to the cricket club. theres a fence u can easily hop there. plenty signs saying private property free running dogs. follow the grass path till you come to a mud road with a little forrest. and its just through there. on the left is a used house that i mistaken for the location. once you find the building follow it round and you end up in the court yard. amazing lighting there too.

we got a good 40 mins in there before a man and a dog came walking round. very aggressive tone with us screaming its private property and how did we get in. the dog was highly trained and would do anything as his command by the looks of it. he escorted us down the main road and i attempted to pick his brain with no answers. once i started to real off the info i already had on the property he seemed abit impressed and corrected me on some things. he turned out to be a top bloke in the end he just doesnt like ppl on the property. he gave us the address to another location close by (st josephs college, upholland) and asked us not to come back


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