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Lead or Rumour info - Noob needs leads


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28DL Member
Me and a few of my mates are new to urban exploring and are really struggling to find places. We started to use the 'hell on earth treasure map' but in all honesty it's a bit shit. We mainly want to gain access for photography/videography. We are from Barnsley (Yorkshire) but are willing to travel, any info on nearby locations would be massively appreciated. Thanks.


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Regular User
Hi your best option is to use the search facility on here. It's unlikely that anyone will just give out locations to you because we have no idea who you are.

The best way to build your network and earn respect/trust is to get out and find places, even if it means driving all over to find random places or spending hours poring over Google maps looking for derpy looking properties. Then get up a few reports.

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