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Report - Norman Park , Huddersfield , April , 2022


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Scouting about on maps i became aware that there might be a possible culvert at Norman park , now i had heard a rumour that any culverts in the park were gated over and to be honest i thought that far upstream it would turn out not to be anything to write home about , But i was in that that neck of the woods so decided to have a gander at it . Above the park there is a dam that used to power the old Clough house mills its now called middlemost pond, After googlein the site there was a mention that Grimescar dyke had been culverted in the nineteenth century before it drained in to a sereies of smaller ponds in norman park . The park itself was built around 1896 so there has been a fair bit of activity around the sight
Old pic of the park showing the pond this is no longer here its just a stream but there was still evidence of an old fountain , parking up nearby it was a comfortable stroll in to the park the culvert is bang at the entrance all to easy which i took to be a bad omen as i havent seen a post before about this ( please correct me if im wrong ) anyway on to the start point
around knee deep this first bit and teeming with fish at least it wasnt grilled over


water getting shallower now

stone flag floor i wasnt stooping to much either

the arched roof looks to be sagging a bit here , very clean inside as well could not believe my luck !


change in styles here to stone slab roof

a repair had taken place here with the timber in the roof


started to climb uphill at this point and a change in construction to brick sides and a concrete roof

looking back downstream then looking forward


concrete overflow or spillway of the dam

grilled over no way out here

looking downstream again cobbled floor , time to head out now



well thats it a cracking little explore wasnt expecting it to be as good as this ! a fair length as well thanks for watching :thumb

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Really nice this. I love the fact they used flag stones upper & lower at different points. The changes are great to see. Looks so calm in there. Nice to know there are fish alive too. That old photo is a beaut. :thumb


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Looks like you had a nice little mooch there jezzyboo....ya certainly clocking up the miles of late....good show !!!!!!!
The stone arch at the start looks very inviting :thumb

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