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Report - Normansfield Down's Syndrome Hospital



Opened in 1881 by John Langdon Down, who the syndrome was eventually named after.
This paragraph from there website made me chuckle:p
"He is best remembered for having, in 1866, identified a specific group of patients whose oriental characteristics he described as Mongolian in character. They had upward slanting eyes, flattening of the back of the head and poorly controlled and fissured tongues. Nobody had identified this special group previously and over the next 20 years the designation "Mongolian Idiot" came into use. In 1961 nineteen international experts, including his grandson Norman, wrote jointly to the Lancet suggesting the name Mongolioan Idiot should be changed to Down's syndrome. At the request of the People's Republic of Mongolia, the World Health Organisation adopted the recommendation in 1965 and Down's syndrome was then to become a universally accepted descriptive term."
Anyway it's been closed for several years now and I finally made my first trip last week. Had a look round some of the out buildings and a couple of rooms in the basement. Gotta go back soon for the full tour:D









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