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Report - North Entrance, Dover – January, 2012


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28DL Full Member
So after visiting Oil Mills West (see link to report below), we then visited the North Entrance, part of the Western Height Fort.


The North Entrance consists of several tunnels and rooms where I guess the troops had to stay and defend. Like the Oil Mills West, each area seems spacious and huge and was amazing how they built places like this many moons ago. A refreshing explore, seeing a place that wasn't entirely trashed!

As ever a brief history courtesy of Google:

When work began in 1804 on construction of the Western Heights Fort, a protected entrance through the North Lines was included. Situated between the Drop Redoubt and the North Centre Bastion, it was one of two defended routes into the Fortress, the other being a bridge across the South Lines. During the middle part of the 19th century, the North Entrance was enlarged and more strongly defended. It remained in use until the 1960s, after which a road was pushed through the North Lines to carry a permanent road, and the Entrance was abandoned, though not destroyed.

Now on to the pictures:







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