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Report - North Lodge Cane Hill Hospital, Surrey. April 2021


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I know it’s a complete derp but I believe it’s all that is left of the derelict parts of Cane Hill.

I popped in a while back but hadn’t taken my light so returned with @Chloe Explores . Having brought the light I was able to actually get inside and see what was left of the house that once stood here, theres a 70s/80s decor fire surround very similar to one my dad built when I was growing up. The ceiling has collapsed as have all but 2 stairs. You can see right up to the upstairs and through the roof.

nice to have a look especially as it’s the last thing standing but not for long it seems, so thought I’d share as Cane Hill is held dear To many of us.

History -

Cane Hill was a psychiatric hospital in Coulsdon in the London Borough of Croydon. Built to handle patients unable to attend the Springfield and Brookwood Asylums, both of which were filled to capacity, it opened in 1882 as the Third Surrey County Lunatic Asylum. Following a gradual winding down of operations, it closed all but its secure unit in late 1991

The main buildings on the site were designed by Charles Henry Howell and built on a hill-top overlooking Coulsdon and Farthing Downs. It opened in two phases, in 1882 and in 1888.

This property was the North Lodge. As of December 2020 planning has been applied for demolition and replacing with a single house with a car port.

A memory from someone on Simon Cornwells site :

"I used to live in North Lodge (the house on the hospital entrance on Portnalls Road), and my Dad was electrical engineer/site foreman at Cane Hill for almost 20 years, until the hospital closed. Cane Hill was a huge part of my childhood, I remember Dad taking us to the swimming pool in the summer (the changing rooms were open then) and on Saturdays/school holidays I had to go with my can of coke and sit with whatever patient happened to be around at the time while Dad did his work. There was one old guy in particular called Tommy who had no teeth and played the harmonica. My brother and I spent many happy afternoons hiding in bushes while patients wandered about our garden..."

"[My Mum] was upset to see the state of the house, the top left hand window was her bedroom, the one that sticks out a bit in the middle was my brother's room, and my room was on the right hand side, facing the wee road that led up to the hospital. It was enormous, but damp even then. She recognised most of the buildings in the photos, including Dad's office. She knew the guy who looked after the green houses well, John O'leary, he's dead now i think, he was ancient when I was a kid. We cant believe how much it has deteriorated in such a short space of time. Tragic really.”
















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North Lodge was advertised for sale last year as a building plot for a single residential dwelling. Somewhat ironically, applications had been made in 1993 to Croydon Council for a change of use at North Lodge, the Posterns and East Lodge to residential dwelling houses 'independent of former institutional use as a hospital', but permission was refused, probably on account of the ultimately unsuccessful plans for the site to become a science park.

East Lodge had been used by the security guards from 2003 when they vacated the administration block, until 2006 when it was demolished and replaced with a portacabin. The lodge was demolished as part of the works for the new Coulsdon bypass. It had also served as a rehab house during the 1970s.

The Posterns was demolished along with the wider site but for some reason North Lodge was spared - probably because it was largely out of the way of the new entrances and houses being constructed.

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