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Report - North Sea Producer (Ship) Middlesbrough Feb 2016


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In the words of the Lonely Island "I'm the king of the world, on a boat like Leo, If you're on the shore, then you're sho' not me-oh".

Everybody loves a boat right? and this is no little boat; Formally an oil tanker, built 1983/4 then converted on the Tees to be a FPSO (floating production storage and offloading) vessel in 1997. The North Sea Producer has been out working on the MacCulloch Field, 250 kilometres northeast of Aberdeen but is currently back on the Tees redundant. Its moored up at the Middlesbrough Able shipyard, which is also the current home to the sunken Tuxedo Princess. The Tuxedo now looks laughably small compared to this 236m long behemoth with a storage capacity of 560,000 barrels and a daily production capacity of 76,000 barrels of oil (which is still a lot of money even at today's poor prices).

I didn't get an external shot on the night we explored it, partly because I broke my cam (easy fix, sorted now) and also because it was a school night and my bed was calling so I would have probably headed straight home regardless of the camera situation. I've been back and got a shot now though so on with the pics you came for:

1) Here you see the Flare stack poking out with other Teesside Landmarks in the background, this stack can be seen from miles around, the ship is becoming a landmark itself.

2) Here's the full ship:

3) Although it was exposed we couldn't resist the beauty of it and we went straight for the flare stack:

4) View Over the Able Yard:

5) Out towards Middlesbrough:

6) View of the Riverside Stadium:

7) A.J. 65m above the deck:


9) Stood under the Boom of one of the cranes:

We did spend a long time inside, which was interesting but not as photogenic, and although cold it was a nice night for pictures so here's some more from the outside:

11) Chillin' on the Chimney

12) A.J. On the Helipad

13) And finally, another view of the Riverside Stadium:


28DL Memb3r
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^thanks guys, its definitely an exploration worth doing, loads of interesting stuff and different to the norm. Im not sure what they are currently doing with it as it has lights on it now (as per second picture, it wasnt like that when we were onboard).


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appalling conditions,
I am sure there's a decommissioning site across the Tees,
between the nuclear power station & Port Clarence?

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