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Report - North Selby Mine, Escrick, N Yorks Sept 13


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Recently visited (alone again !) some of the old mining complex around Selby.
Selby coalfield (also known as the Selby complex, or Selby 'superpit') was a large scale deep underground mine complex based around Selby, North Yorkshire, England, with pitheads at Wistow Mine, Stillingfleet Mine, Riccall Mine, North Selby Mine, Whitemoor Mine and at Gascoigne Wood Mine; all coal was brought to the surface and treated at Gascoigne Wood, being distributed onwards by rail. The primary purpose of the pit was to supply coal for electrical power generation; much of it was used in the nearby Aire valley power stations.

Mining peaked in 1993–4 at 12 million tonnes. The mines were acquired by RJB Mining in 1997 after the privatisation of the coal industry; loss of subsidy, geological problems, and low UK coal prices made the pits unprofitable by the 21st century. Closure was announced in 2002, and mining completely ceased by 2004.

the main office building is now a pile of rubble, just to the left of the blue gates i pictured, but this is the best site of the 3 I visited, with the old pump still being there and the weighbridge etc.

these are the pics i got at North Selby (Escrick), unfortunatly when i arrived the main building was closed, when i did my recce 3 weeks ago it was wide open, so someone is still looking after the site.









old weigh bridge and rail tracks for coal cars

old pump house


went with a flash and bang when they pikied this one lol



thanks for looking.
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saturday may 6, 2017 this morning me and my friend went to the mine, we have been there many times before and we didnt expect anything wouldve changed but... we go up to the main blue gate entrance and we see a metal fence put up and on the way there we could hear generators and we sore new pipes on the ground, we got to the main site and there was a digger and a huge blue crate that could fit arround 12 men. on these metal fences there was a sign saying demolition. me and my friend realised that they are taking the entire mine down and we can only imagine what t would look like in just a few months. before any of this happened, as i said, we used to go there a lot and everytime something was differrent, in the way that big crates of boxes were missing, thats when we realised people were coming in and taking stuff, we were scared that something like this would happen as we really like the mine. if you go again make sure to be carefull and DO NOT GET CAUGHT.

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