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Lead or Rumour info - North Street, Leeds


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Hi guys,

Just thought it would be worth a mention that there's a few detached old, abandoned shops on North Street Leeds. Was considering going on a first explore (minus exploring the Private Shop, I'll leave that one for another day! :bananapopcorn ). There is also the old Midland Bank building right on the very end (big old grand building with clock) which seems to be uninhabited at the moment, it's a real shame, especially to see these old cottage type shops going to ruin. They still look like this as pass these every day on way to work.....




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Worth a look. The majority of north street is abandoned. Walking to college is one of the most depressing journeys its like a ghost town.


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Yes, it's a big shame. Have seen pics from even as late as 1950's and 60's and it's bustling. Reckon they will probably pull the whole lot down soon.


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Another place thats worth a visit is Richmond hill in Leeds ,at least 2x pubs boarded up - Hampton & Sheppard pub , there is the fisherman's hut too, also there is an old peoples home that is all boarded up , may be these are worth a look