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Report - North Sutor, Nigg, Nov 2012


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Right...first report, here we go: I've always been interested in things like this so finally decided to do it. North Sutor is a Naval Defense Battery that was originally constructed in World War One but was later extended in World War Two. There are lots of building about ground in reasonable condition and a large magazine below ground. Sadly few original features remand but it was still a great explore and a great day out. Pictures aren't amazing, im not the best photographer and my camera isn't a DSLR but it's served me well and a love it
Now, on with the photos:

One of the remains of the gun emplacements

The entrance to the magazine, there is a ladder but this had a large lump of metal sticking into it that prevented us from going down it!

The biggest - and tidyest - room in the magazine. It had some brilliant stalagtites but sadly my pictures of them didn't turn out very good. No idea what the marks on the far wall are, if anyone knows I'd be interested to know?

The ladder that could also be used to get into - and out of - the magazine

And...daylight. This is the building that would have housed one of the main guns

And again

Looking onto the gun emplacement

We think these were observation post. If someone definitively know, i would again be interested to find out


Finally one of my favorite shots of the day

Well, thanks for reading and also thanks to Zimbob who helped me plan this trip :Not Worthy If anyone has any advice on how to improve please let the know!#
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