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Report - North Wales Hospital, Denbigh. 04/09/2017. Night.


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Hi all, welcome to my first report!

I've already seen this one has been reported on loads, but no harm done in giving an update! First things first this asylum is sooo trashed, there is only the ground level left as all the buildings have been hollowed out. But nevertheless, quite a good little explore and the area is huge so you can spend a couple hours here.

A bit of history from Wiki (probably already read this 10 times)


Designed by architect Thomas Fulljames to originally accommodate between 60 and 200 patients, the hospital originally had its own farm and gasworks. Planned for closure by Enoch Powell during the 1960s, it was closed in sections from 1991 to 1995.
On 22 November 2008, during work to renovate the building site and convert it to apartments and residential properties, the building caught fire; it was later confirmed that the main hall of the hospital was destroyed. Arson was suspected at the time. Fire crews went to the scene of a blaze at the site of the former North Wales Hospital. The fire service was called out at 8.12 pm on Saturday, May 7, with one pump from Ruthin and one pump form Rhyl going to the incident. Crews used two CO2 extinguishers and a hose reel to tackle the fire. A spokesperson for the fire service said: “Two seats were on fire and for that reason we have deemed it to be a deliberate ignition.”

Currently on the buildings at risk register, the 2006 planning permission has lapsed. In 2011 the building was at risk of collapsing and no action was taken by the owners after an urgent works notice was issued, Denbighshire Council had no choice but to carry out repairs on the building which reached £939,000. In 2013, Denbighshire Council voted to press ahead with a compulsory purchase order on the building. A three-week Public Inquiry on the challenge to the CPO by the owner completed on 20 March 2015. A new application for planning permission has been submitted by the Princes Regeneration Trust and would be implemented by the North Wales Building Preservation Trust once the CPO is confirmed and the site has been transferred. However it is yet to be disclosed if the application will follow through due to lack of funding and initiative behind the trust.

Following fires in February 2017 and July 2017, it has been decided that the hospital should be demolished due to damage being beyond repair. The council still intends to purchase the site.


A little bit about me, I don't have a great camera so the picture quality isn't great, and that isn't helped by the fact that we primarily explore at night time, for that added fear factor ;)

The trip

First off we parked up at the Castle and walked down to the site, about a 10 minute walk. We found the asylum very easily and found an access point onto a dirt path just further up the road. After walking through a field we came across a route into the grounds, then once in the grounds it was the easiest building ever to access, as almost all windows, doors and even walls were open. Although we had hear about padded rooms and underground tunnels, but did not come across them as this place is like a maze at night, so may have to take a visit back if I'm in the area.






















As I said not much here but nevertheless a good place to visit if you haven't yet.

Thanks for reading (Y)
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It’s one of my favourite sites. I’ve been several times now and I’m a bit addicted to the place. It’s so big and so much to explore. I’ve still not been down in the tunnels, although I know how to get down there. Last time I was there (couple of weeks ago) kids were setting fires and smashing up one of the buildings. They made so much noise that police were alerted. We hid very easily and waited until the kids were escorted off the site. It’s a shame that people are so destructive and have to smash up such historical sites. In the long run it leads them to get sealed up or demolished

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