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Report - North Wales Hospital, Denbigh, April 2011


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Drove through to Wales on a sunny evening for an early start to visit two hospitals in Wales recently and was massively disappointed with the condition now of Denbigh's North Wales Hospital. We got into Denbigh at around 10pm ish and enjoyed a drink and chat with the locals... lovely place and 'some' friendly people. After a quick mooch around, we decided to park the car in a quiet field to get
some sleep.. which was quite hard considering it was bloody freezing and the dogs and sheep appeared to be having a sing-song, closely
joined in by the cows at 4am.

After two anadin extras to recover from the 'Livestock Wales-Got-Talent' auditions, we headed off at 5.30am to venture into Denbigh's
impressive looking (well, on the outside at least) Asylum.

Disappointed at the state of it, to be honest... and it doesnt surprise me to hear about the local's being 'up in arms' about the fact it has been left to rot whilst its owners appears to care not one jot about its decline.

Took a few photos, was rudely interrupted by a Bill Oddity and Ye Ol Shep (who, if its the same dog, must be about 24 now) who did nought to improve my rapidly diminishing good mood. Heated discussion followed, some in Welsh, but most from an angry and tired annoying blonde bitch, who just wouldnt go away when told.

Im sure you're all aware of the history, but just to add to the pictures here's a snippet from around t'internet: -

The North Wales hospital, known locally as simply Denbigh Asylum was the first psychiatric institution built in Wales; construction began in 1844 and completed in 1848 in the town of Denbigh. The hospital finally closed in 1995.
The U-shaped Tudorbethain style hospital was built due to the spreading word of mistreatment of Welsh people in English asylums;
The Hospital would be a haven for welsh speaking residents to seek treatment without prejudice or a language barrier.
Renovations and extensions were made at the hospital from 1867 until 1956, when the hospital reached its maximum capacity at 1,500 patients living inside her walls and 1,000 staff at hand.
It has been visited by Prince Charles, in 2006, who was interested in renovation work on it (you're having a larrf, mate) and also visited by the Most Haunted team in 2008. :rolleyes:

Not many pics were taken...probably about 20 in all to be honest, and here are some..













There's always some git who gets in the way of your shot...



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