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Report - North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - March 2022


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The Explore

We were on our way to another site and this happened to be on our journey from Conwy. Naively thought we'd only be there for a short period of time having heard over the years how badly damaged it is now. Well, we were wrong. Should have taken our lunch and our DSLRs, but neglected to do so because we thought this was a quick one with little to see. Apologies, these photos were taken on my smart phone.

Firstly, there was no sign of the man with his dog and we were able to get back to the car without discovering any damage. Secondly, based on how much damage there is to the building, we thought nothing of the perimeter fence other than they must have been busy developing the site and converting it into residential dwellings. The security on this site are very active and experienced from observing them. Nearly as eventful as Pyestock...

It's clear at some point that they have spent some money trying to protect parts of the building with a new metal roof, but there are no signs of ongoing construction anywhere. That's why it's amazing that security is so active.

It was a beautiful sunny, dry day and we had a great time and managed to explore the whole site without any direct contact with security.

Brief History

The asylum was constructed between 1844 and 1848 and served as a refuge for Welsh-speaking mental patients. Originally designed to accommodate about 200 patients, it was expanded to alleviate overcrowding in 1899 and eventually was home to as many as 1,500 patients.
Due to the hospital being privately owned there was little to no incentive for patients to be released so many stayed there till there deaths be it natural or a result of the dark history this place holds including lobotomies and electric shock therapy.
The hospital eventually closed in 1995 and after the previous owner of 14years had allow the buildings to gradually crumble away all it took was after a few denied planning permissions a few suspiciously times arsen attacks and In 2018 plans went through to turn the building into 300 new homes.


























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Yeah you done a great job of that. Pics are good too. I do like wallpaper pics.


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Some great shots there, nice one :)


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Thanks everyone.

The reason for doing wallpaper shots was because very little was left in tact yet a lot of wallpaper survived and was in very good condition considering these buildings aren't heated, water or wind tight.


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Not a section I often read but: great report.
Not sure what it is about the 2nd pic in your post, of the sheep, but they look almost menacing...
The photos are in the wrong order. The relevance is they were the last thing we encountered.

It's funny because they followed up from the point we were in their field after looking through the large white building, until we climbed out of their field over a stone wall.

Their herd tactics were quite impressive and the person I was with worried about a stampede... Haha

Very fitting encounter given my username and avatar.

Bikin Glynn

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Nicely done, Im not sure how u got past those sheep though tbh

Calamity Jane

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Still worth a peek. Rarely posted the rooms with wallpaper. Nice job.


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Love your photos! Haven't seen this place in a while, so thanks for the update!


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Nicely done, always good to see a bit more of the nursing quarters.

I think Dog & Van are banned from going anywhere near the site now its owned by the council.
Oh, those were the nurses quarters? I didn't realise. I did see a sign outside saying "Creche" and now that makes sense. I read that they were banned after attacking a prospective investor to the site and that's when he had his keys taken from him.


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Some nice shots there,surprised there’s anything left worth seeing
Honestly, so was I. At this stage, a lot of areas are death traps. There are areas where you could walk through a doorway and fall several floors because there is no floor. There are MANY areas where floors and roofs have collapsed.

My advice would be don't think about doing this site in the dark and when above ground floor level, don't walk anywhere where the floor appears wet/the area above has no covering. There are even areas where there is brickwork hanging by a piece of rebar and it's ready to drop at any time. If you are below it and it falls, you are dead! It could fall onto something else and then cause a dangerous collapse. Either way, there are many hidden dangers here.

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