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Question - North Wales Hospital, Denbigh

Gallow Wood

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Hi all,

I've been reading up a lot about Denbigh and would love to visit, and don't want to put it off for too long as I missed visiting Severalls Hospital before it was demolished! But it is a very long way for me to travel and I don't want to be disappointed. Has anyone been recently, is it still easy to explore or have work preparations begun, and is the site at least still partially explorable? I've read it's been victim to much vandalism... Very sad. I hope when work does commence that preserve as much of it as possible! Severalls was straight up levelled, criminal.

Thanks in advance!


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Denbigh is a fetid ruin of shit that’s covered in fencing and CCTV now.

Why not go to Whitchurch instead?

Or Midwales Hosptial

Or Both
Why not go pretty much anywhere other than Denbigh, except maybe Camelot.

If you want to see an asylum, go to Whitchurch, its a million times better in every conceivable way.


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I see the attraction of Denbigh in terms for the facade looking from the front. But as above. It was pretty trashed three years ago when I went.


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That thing on his face is weird. In the lower pic you can see all his (or hers?!) facial features though it. Honestly, Id be scared off by that, looks like some weird British version of a variety of storm-trooper

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