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Report - North Wales Hospital (Nurses Home), Denbigh - February 2015


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February 2015

Following on from my report last week (as promised)here are some photos from inside the Nurses Home at the North Wales Hospital in Denbigh. Me and Shimmy (New Member) spent the best part of a day last week exploring the asylum, we had quite a productive visit, towards the end of the day we came to the conclusion that we had covered most of the grounds. So we had a wonder over to the Nurses Home that sits to the north of the main asylum. We didn't find much in there, it has been well and truly emptied apart from the odd bath tub in the hallway, and some slightly unnerving graffiti. :eek: Oh, and some amazing wallpaper. :) To be honest it looks like Most Haunted did a number on this place, there were holes punched in walls that looked like they'd be done for camera cables. :/

The home was used by staff at the North Wales Hospital (mainly student nurses) for accommodation whilst they were working at the hospital. It is composed of three main floors all the rooms were originally fitted with a sink, small desk and single bed. Bizarrely some of the rooms had small clear glass window in the door, which I couldn't imagine were very good for privacy. :rolleyes: When we finally found a way in after much frustration we found ourselves in what appeared to have once been a kitchen at the rear of the house. Oh and I couldn't resist a shot of door '28'. :)










Thanks for looking. :p:

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