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Hi Guys,

Just introducing myself. My name is Bev. My son Charlie and I are in North Wales and and have done a handful of local explores. Our nearest is Lluesty Hospital. We were lucky enough to catch it just before they started rebuilding on the site.

We have also done the Bromine factory on Anglesey which we loved. We could have spent a whole day there if we'd arrived earlier. It's massive.

We have recently got into caving too as we are near some spectacular caves in Loggerheads. So we are hoping to find some of the abandoned Welsh slate mines in a few weeks time.

Ooo, I forget another beauty we have done...Baron Hill Mansion. We have found this site super helpful so thanks for the add and see you guys out there (once we are all released of course!)

Stay safe, Bev

Lord Oort

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Welcome along Bev,

Best thing to do is have a read of the Welcome guide and the Report guide and then get some of your previous reports up. Once you've done a few people will be more likely to share some info with you.

Oh amd have a read of the underground guide as well, if you're just starting out with that.

If you have any other questions after reading that lot just ask!

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