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Report - North Weald Mobilisation Centre & Ongar Radio

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A beautiful & hot day, So North Weald is a fair bit out of my way (Bury St Edmund's) , My nephew asked me to take him to a Supercar experience on the still active Runway in north weald..... quite strange seeing a 12yr old drive an Audi R8! Anyway I had previously checked the Subrit website (This website is a game changer for me! it has completely opened my eyes to loads more to explore all over the UK!) and found this mobilization centre down the road from the airfield! Really easy to get to! and even easier to get inside! which was great after dragging my sister and nephew along for there first explore! The buildings themselves appear to be in relatively good shape including the roofs that double as roads the vehicles used to drive over although the front half was submerged in water. The smaller buildings at the front were not in such great condition.... looked like they were slowly crumbling and dieing..... mostly now used as canvas for the graffiti guys! . note that the post title says Ongar radio..... it wasn't until i left this place i realized there was an old radio building behind the mobilization centre..... what condition this is in now i do not know but maybe someone can fill in the gaps, what i did find though was the antenna for that building...... which is no longer standing! also found a possibly burnt out or rusted out car in one of the corridoors of the base at the back end...... it looked like this had been there for some time...... and this was confirmed for me, on the way out we passed a few middle aged lads that said they used to play down here as kids and had come back for the memories! they asked me if the car was still there!..... anyone know what the car is? its been bugging me for a while!


History of Northweald Redoubt

(Stolen from someone elses post.......)

13 Mobilization Centres were built between 1889 and 1903 as part of the London Defence Scheme. These were not planned as forts although some of them would have been armed on mobilization. Their main function was as a store for guns, small arms ammunition, tools and other equipment required for the batteries and infantry allocated for the defence of the neighborhood in the event of a foreign invasion. The case mates could also be used as barrack accommodation.


The North Weald Redoubt was the first of the mobilisation centres to be constructed and the only fortified centre north of the Thames. It was located on high ground to the south of North Weald Bassett and faced north east with good command of the ground to its front and sides. It was described in 1903 as "situated on a commanding knoll" and that "from mile 17 to 19 the road is commanded by North Weald Fort; a distance about 2 miles east" .




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Some colourful graffiti there. I know the title says North Weald Mobilisation centre & Ongar radio, which looks like a lot of buildings. But you included a map of the redoubt. I can see some traces to the redoubt, has it gone completely from here?