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Report - North Weald Redoubt Fort- 08/2020


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This is my first post so I hope that I have done everything correctly... Please let me know if not :) I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes!

The North Weald Redoubt was the first of the London Mobilisation centre built in the 1980s to protect London from invasion. As part of the London defense Scheme, the main function of this building was to store guns, ammunition, various tools and other equipment that was important. The building is shaped as a 'D'.
In WW1 the Redoubt was used as a military base and aresenal. The sight was then bought by the Marconi Telegraph company in 1919, where a radio staion was built and the Redbout used for storage. During WW2 the site was taken back by the military and had two machine gun turrets added. The site was decommissioed in the early 1990s.

My day-
I went to this site twice in September and was amazed each time. I explored these areas with my partner and friend, it gave off a rather ominous vibe so I am very glad I didnt go on my own. Finding the location was rather easy and a very nice walk. The first building we came to was sepperate from the Redoubt and missing most of its roof. Unfortunately when we got there we discovered that the first half of the site was flooded and we were unable to get inside, thankfully the second half was not and we were able to get inside. The Redoubt was covered in a lot of graffiti, but I can appreciate the good artwork.
When we were there we didnt see anyone else around, but we found a fire by one of the very dark rooms which was very unsettiling! I was a bit nervous of going into the very dark rooms at each end but I decided to go in the middle so it was as bad, I couldn't get any photos of the inside as it was just too dark to see anything.
It wasa very nice day with some amazing sites, I would definitely recomend this site :)​


The inside of the first building that i'snt attached to the Redoubt


The outside of the first building that i'snt attached to the Redoubt

The flooded area of the Redoubt

You can see where the water was higher from the damage to the graffiti

Stairs into the flooded area of the Redoubt

I am pretty sure that this is where the turret was placed, I was unable to locate the second one

The other side of the Redoubt that wasn flooded


One of the passageways with a recked car (I think) at the end of it. It was actually much darker then the photo shows, when you walked through it got a shade darker with every step.


The bridge from where the main enterance would of been, we only crossed it on the way out.
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Nice first report. Just make sure you only include the month and year in your title rather than the exact date! Other than that, all good! :thumb

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Well done on your 1st report, welcome to 28dl. Nice sharp shots there. Good history. :thumb

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