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Hi all, been a member for a while and always found the threads helpful. Just moved to the North of England Manchester area. I've done the normal city stuff was looking to get some insight to rural locations or tips. It's harder not being from an area and taking up a lot of time with research and mapping. Was hopping some one could give me some pointers or areas to look at for bunkers. I've done a few mines and caves in settle area. But anything near Bowland or lake district. As always guys thank in advance

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Yeah thanks really helpful cheers pal.
That is a pretty helpful reply - you'll get a much better response if you post up some reports first. This is a community that relies on user contribution, but essentially you've asked for advice while saying you have been to places but decided not to contribute anything yourself. If you post reports from the places you've been to, it will show you're going to take part in the community, rather than just take from it, and people will be a lot more willing to help.