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Whilst I do enjoy exploring buildings, my first love will always be model-making. I am at a stage in my life where I feel I am able to build a small model without it taking up too much time or money from other projects. I want to build a small model, could be a railway or just a stand-alone building that I might incorporate into a railway some time in the future.

I had my heart set on Torr Vale Mill as it's been a part of my childhood. Torr Vale is a very old mill, it was the longest ever working in England from 1785 til 2000, and was made up from a range of structures dating from the 18th century to much later 20th century additions. I would build my model of this mill, however it is situated in such an awkward site that it would warrant a huge footprint (the yard is some three storeys up from the ground floor, and the river sweeps almost 90 degrees around the site). I therefore think this is a challenge for another day.
I want to find a building to base a model around, something with an interesting mix of additions, most preferably textile but for the right building could be something else. I'm not keen on the big brick mills of Lancashire, I want to make something from stone and depict it in the late 1990s when a lot of mills were on their last legs. Someone on here must know of a few good places, and at this stage I'm open to ideas. Something a bit like Kearns Mill in Rossendale is what I'm thinking, but there must be more little ones like this that I don't know of.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with
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