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Report - Northallerton Post -Yorkshire group - 26/08/2007


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I was away camping south of Northallerton and with the help of tomtom noticed there was a roc post close by (well i guess there is where ever you go!, but i kept driving past this one), so i went off for a recce (not that a roc post generally needs a recce, i intended to get to the post and failed so I'm calling it a recce, ha).

i got to the vicinity of the post and realised i was going no further that day as i had my 20 month year old son with me (never to young to start exploring!) and around the post were lots of bees hives. the beehives do a good job of disguising the post to a casual onlooker and deter chavs pretty good too i would imagine.

i could see the padlocks but figured it was worth a trip back incase the hasps were chopped.

So i went back alone later, only to find:

its secure:


it is a masterpost, and the grills struck me as been very tidy and new looking so i was thinking someone is restoring the post, but since i have looked at lots of pictures and it seams they used various grills, and the picture on subbrit from 27.4.2002 has the same metal louvred grills, but still they are newer than its last coat of paint.

here is the remainder of the aircraft post railing.


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