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Report - Northam Railway Station, Western Australia, January 2013


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For a small town it sure does have a few interesting sites, just have to locate them, this being the 4th explore in Northam, and havn't even done the old hospital yet, so here we go.

Just opposite the shops I saw some old railway gear, so decided to take a look. Most of it was inside a fenced area, but there was some bits outside (first 9 pics).
Never done a train yard before, known there was a train museum in Northam, however the yard is not open to the public. I was going to consider just jumping the fence, but after taking the first set of pics I had some luck.

When I decided that was it, I walked around back towards the car and noticed the caretaker locking the compound gates, I asked if I can look at some of the railway cars in the yard, and it happened (the rest). As it turns out, they converted the old rail station into a museum, however the rail cars are in a restricted area and he let me have a look around for about half an hour.
It must have been my lucky day as it was Wednesday afternoon, and the museum is open weekends after January. I have the contact info so if you want to poke about some train gear then let me know (Wednesdays) otherwise its $2 or $3 for museum entry, and compound area might not be allowed.

History - 1884 The Northam Railway Station was completed then on October 13th 1886 The Railway Line from Spencers Brook to Northam was officially opened by Governor Broome.

Old Railway Station Museum (Fitzgerald Street – open Sunday 10.00-4.00) which was completed in 1884 and is now used as a local folk museum combining local artifacts with interesting pieces of railway history including an old steam engine (PMR 721) and carriages.

1. Saw this close to where I parked.

2. Good paint decay.

3. Not that old.

4. The restored Northam Railway Station.

5. Outside an old rail workshop.

6. Although an empty shell even after a plaster board retail moved in, it still had the old interior intact.

7. Standing on the tracks inside.

8. Original doors.

9. That is an old gantry crane, would have got up there but was too well dressed at the time.

Now after this, I saw the caretaker, so the next set is inside the rail compound.

10. Outside a rail sleeper car.

11. Story with this is that it was converted into camp accomodation somewhere near Northam.

12. The roof inside one of the cabins, it is pressed tin.

13. A steam engine (PMR 721) and carriages.

14. The boiler controls inside the PMR 721.

15. A Grossley engine.

16. Not sure of this one.

This was one heck of a way to spend an hour and there is more here. http://s1110.beta.photobucket.com/user/saldorri/library/Northam Rail